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Glass Mosaic Tiles | Original (2cm) |  Orange

Azurra Original Orange 2cm x 2cm vitreous glass mosaics. Only 25.49 ex VAT per 1.07 sq m (or 3.82 ex VAT per 225 tile sheet)
Don't forget - we will send you a FREE SAMPLE of these mosaics so that you can see them for yourself.
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Vitreous Glass
FormatTile Size (mm)Bonding
Square Mosaic20 x 20 x 4Plastic mesh on back of tiles or paper bonding on front of tiles
Sheet coverage
(tiles / area)
Box Size
(tiles / area)
Sheets per box
225 tiles
0.107 sq m approx
2,250 tiles
1.07 sq m approx
This is a bright orange vitreous glass tile. Each tile is 2cm x 2cm x 4mm and has a flat face with a slight bevel on each side. The back of every tile is ridged.

Available by the box on a plastic mesh backing. Boxes contain 10 sheets / 2,250 tiles and cover an area of 1.07 sq m approx. Also available by the sheet on a plastic mesh backing or paper bonded. Sheets contain 225 tiles and cover an area of 0.107 sq m approx.

Please note: Due to the processes used to manufacture mosaic tiles there can be slight differences in tiles produced in different batches. This is perfectly normal and we will always supply your tiles from the same batch to ensure conformity. Tiles supplied on paper will be taken from a different batch of tiles to those supplied on mesh. We cannot therefore guarantee that tiles supplied on paper will have an identical appearance to those supplied on mesh.
If you would like a sample of this tile, please e-mail us at

Please don't forget to include your name and the address that you would like us to send your sample(s) to!

Remember, unlike some other companies who advertise free samples and who then charge for postage, our samples really are free - we want you to see our tiles for yourselves rather than relying on screen or printer images so we don't charge you for the tiles or the postage!
Original - Orange - Box (1.07 sq m approx)
Price: 25.49 (30.59 Including VAT at 20%)


Boxes of this orange vitreous glass mosaic tile contain 10 sheets of 225 separate tesserae that are held together on a plastic mesh. Each tile is 2cm x 2cm square and 4mm thick. There is a total of 2,250 individual mosaic tesserae per box. Each box covers an area of approximately 1.07 square metres / 11.51 sq ft.
Original - Orange - Sheet - Mesh (0.107 sq m approx)
Price: 3.82 (4.58 Including VAT at 20%)


Sheets of this orange glass mosaic contain 225 separate mosaic tiles in a 15 tile by 15 tile grid, with the tiles held together by plastic mesh on the back of the tiles. Each tile is 2cm x 2cm square and 4mm thick. Each sheet covers an area of approximately 0.107 square metres / 1.15 sq ft.
Did you know that when mosaic pieces (tesserae) are positioned as gradually larger outlines around a shape or pattern until they fill a large area this is described as Opus Musivum. The effect of this can be dramatic as it can cause the focus of the shape or pattern to appear further away or nearer to the viewer.

Glass Mosaic Tiles | Original (2cm) |  Orange

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